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When repair indicators are present, rebuilding a pump, motor or valve is an economical option
which fully restores the hydraulic component to optimum performance.

  • Repair Includes:

    • Disassembly and inspection of component
    • Failure Analysis
    • Firm repair quote
    • Repair vs. New cost of replacement
    • Reseal or remanufacture of component
    • Test and calibrate component to OEM specifications
  • Repair Indicators:

    • Oil Leak
    • Pump not producing required output
    • Motor not producing required output torque/speed
    • S-O-S report indicates high levels of metallic particles in oil
    • Excessive noise, heat or vibration
    • Scheduled Custom Hydraulic Service Inspection
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  • Employee putting together a pump in the pump shop
  • Employee working on a large pump

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