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working on the machine that will repair cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder

Repair and Remanufacturing


In some instances, our thorough cylinder inspection process will reveal abnormalities that prohibit a simple hone and reseal. In those cases, our expert technicians will develop a failure analysis and repair plan to suit your needs and budget. Many times, we can repair a component for a fraction of the cost of new. In addition, we can also repair or manufacture virtually any new cylinder component including rods, pistons, and tubes that will meet or exceed OEM specifications. 

  • Our in house repair & remanufacturing capabilities include:

    • Precision CNC Turning & Machining Centers
    • Large Horizontal Boring Mill
    • Large Swing/Long Length Lathe
    • Crane Capacity up to 50 Tons
    • Extensive Welding, Honing, and Testing
    • Expansive Inventory of Raw Material
      • Induction Hardened Chrome Bar Stock
      • Steel Tubing, Cast Iron Bar and Bronze
    • Automated Production Sawing
    • 200-Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Complete Hydraulic Service remanufactures many items for the hydraulic industry. Our capabilities include:

    • Machining new hydraulic cylinder parts including rods, glands, pistons, eyes, ports, blind ends, and retainers for mobile equipment and steel mill-type cylinders
    • Machining valve and manifold blocks
    • Salvage repairs for these components which also includes welding, and boring the tube and rod eyes with the snap ring grooves
    • No charge teardown, inspection, and quoting of your component repairs in our shop
    • CAD drawing, design, building, repairs to mobile, earthmoving, industrial, and scrap recycling industries
    • Reseal only options
    • Aftermarket parts availability
    • Exchange, rebuilt and used inventory for minimal downtime
  • taking off equipment from a trailer with a crane
  • remanufacturing of a cylinder
  • repairing a small cylinder

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