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Complete Hydraulic Service provides machining capabilities for all industries. We will “machine to your design drawings” or design and create drawings in house. If you need a quote, please contact us.



We machine many different types of parts for all industries. From custom parts and consumables to specialty applications – we can create your solution. If you need a quote, please contact us.


Complete Hydraulic Service machines many items for the hydraulics industry. Our capabilities include: 

  • Machining new hydraulic cylinder parts including rods, glands, pistons, eyes, ports, blind ends, and retainers for mobile equipment and industrial-type cylinders
  • Salvage repairs for these components to also include welding, boring the tube and rod eyes with the snap ring grooves
  • CAD drawing, designing, building, repairs for mobile, earth moving, industrial and scrap recycling industries

Hydraulic Services

We offer a wide range of hydraulic services, including comprehensive inspections and repairs of both hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hose assemblies, hydraulic oil analysis, and repairs for pumps, motors, and valves, that fully restore your equipment.

Cylinder Services

We offer thorough inspections, repairs, manufacturing, and remanufacturing plans to suit your needs and budget. Our chrome plating, hydraulic cylinder honing, and cylinder resealing offer repairs and services that increase the efficiency and service life of your hydraulic cylinder.

Mobile Line Boring

This service offers in-house or location-specific support from our specialists to restore your equipment’s condition. We correct worn or damaged pin bores, provide repairs to restore alignment on eyes and mounting faces, and customize sleeves and bushings.

Machine & Welding

Along with providing a wide array of in-stock raw materials, this service salvages your worn-out parts, saving you money while maintaining OEM specifications and quality. In addition, our welding capabilities include cast iron, bronze, steel, and aluminum.

Transmission Testing

We test all Cat® transmissions that are rebuilt and before they are installed. Our tests are mechanical as well as electrical and offer benefits such as reducing costs by detecting potential performance issues, identifying leaks, and verifying functional operations.

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